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Carbine Conversion Unit

What is the CCU system? The CCU system is an 'upper' piece of an autoloading pistol. The picture below is what is called the "BASIC UNIT". By combining this unit with your pistol 'lower' you will create a pistol that will fire. Currently BASIC UNITS are only available for the Glock and 1911 pistols; however, others will soon be available. Any number of accessories can be added to the BASIC UNIT such as sights, rail systems, and shoulder stocks. Because the BASIC UNIT is not an a firearm you do not need any special licensing to purchase one. Under the federal law, BATFE, it is completely legal to install a pistol lower, remove it, and then reassemble the pistol. (please see the FAQ page for details)

Basic Unit
 The picture above is a Glock Upper 'BASIC UNIT'. This unit is made of a 16+" barrel, recoil spring, internal slide, cocking handle, and everything you see externally. The basic unit does not need special licensing to purchase because it is NOT a firearm. What do you need to use the BASIC UNIT? A Glock or 1911 pistol. What do you need to do? You need to seperate the 'top end' assembly from the frame or 'lower', this is known as field stripping. The picture below is a Glock that has its 'top end' removed.

Glock pistol 'lower'
 By sliding the pistol lower in the upper 'BASIC UNIT' you will create what you see in the picture below:
Assembled unit- ready to fire!
Once it is assembled you have a pistol with a 16+" barrel 'top end'. At this point the unit is prepared to fire! All you need to do is slide in a loaded magazine, load a round in the chamber- by pulling the cocking handle to the rear and releasing it. The new unit operates in  semi- auto mode just like the pistol does with its original 'top end' installed. You do not need to make modifications to the 'lower' pistol and no unusual harm is done to the pistol while using the upper. You can reverse the assembly whenever you want to. You can customize the unit by adding the various Mech Tech acessories that suit your needs, including shoulder stocks. At no additional charge Mech Tech will install the accesory rails you want on your unit (only applies to new purchases). Our accessories that attach to the rails such as lights, sights, etc, are very easy to install. Please see our accessories page to see what we have available!